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The Student Experience Design (SXD) Lab empowers student-led, open innovation to create purposeful learning for a meaningful life

& Why?

Purposeful Learning for a Meaningful Life

The SXD Lab is an Ontario innovation hub that tackles some of the most complex problems facing post-secondary education today. The focus is exclusively on student-led innovation. Why? Because students have historically been excluded from meaningful participation in the design and operation of the higher education system that exists to serve them.

Who & How?

Students Use Design To Solve Problems

The SXD Lab uses human-centered design processes and tools to (re)design better student experiences. We do this by working with the end users of education: students. We hire, train and coach students from across Ontario to conduct user research, define specific problems, generate and test ideas, and develop innovative solutions with institutions and industry.

All lab projects are led and designed by students – with the support of eCampusOntario and other learning partners. Projects range from the tangible to the exploratory, such as apps to support at-risk students to virtual reality co-creation tools.

The philosophy of the lab is to learn by making and doing. This enables students to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities and utilize design practices to enhance the post-secondary system and contribute to open innovation. Students design systems, services or products that become openly-licensed and available for institutions and/or industry.