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The SXD Approach

Project ideas are sourced from communities, designed by students and developed by the SXD Lab.

During the design phase, students ideate potential solutions to project challenges in the form of prototypes. All prototypes are reviewed and evaluated based on a scalability criterion, which focuses on the desirability, viability, feasibility and sustainability of the design. Prototypes that meet the evaluation standards proceed to the development phase. Projects advancing to the development phase receive a continuation of funding and support to get a prototype to a minimum viable product (MVP) level.

eCampusOntario may independently fund a project or shop designs out to institutions and industry for uptake and/or further development. All projects in the development phase must contribute to the Lab’s overall mandate – to support purposeful learning for a meaningful life.

MVPs developed are openly-available through a Creative Commons license. If you would like to support, adopt or adapt a project design, please contact us here.