Measuring Success

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Project Description:

This project relates to My Meaningful Life. Across the world, educational institutions currently measure success by graduation rates, employment and salary information. Those things are important to some people – but don’t measure the institution’s ability to deliver purposeful learning for a meaningful life. What if you could set your own goals before starting your education – then use those goals to evaluate your college or university when you graduate? Did your learning experience enable you to meet your goals? How would the educational system change if you were able to create your own definition of success and hold the institutions accountable for helping you achieve it? This project explores new ways to develop and test learner-driven rankings for institutions.

This project has been placed on hold. If you would like to support the development of the Measuring Success project, please visit the contact page.

Research Insights:

The first stage of the action plan was to define success from the student perspective. The project leads interviewed students across the province to identify the most applicable and measurable metrics and indicators of the definition of success – the key distinction is that the definition of success will come from the student perspective. Through interviews, information was gathered on what success means to those who have attended a post-secondary institution. First order themes from these interviews were compiled in a document for analysis. From here, higher order themes were identified and became the basis for a survey:

  • Job vs. Life
  • “Being a good human”
  • Marketable skills
  • School outcomes
  • Non-academic skills
  • Influences
  • Successful life irrespective of school

Project Scope:

The Measuring Success team was formed to explore what a meaningful life might look like from the student perspective. work on a project. The team leads began the project by defining a problem, developing an action plan and then creating a timeline to complete the task. The challenge throughout this project has remained,”‘how might we best measure and quantify success from the student perspective?” The action plan has also remained consistent with the goal being able “to identify the most applicable, practical and measurable metrics and indicators to student definitions of success; and to develop and implement a tool to assess these”.

Rough Prototype:

The purpose of this questionnaire was to develop a metric to measure success from the perspective of a Post Secondary graduate. The survey was informed by an initial set of interviews with 17 participants who attended an Ontario university and completed their undergraduate degree. The resulting questionnaire were tested with 3 iterations (with 6 participants in each round) each followed by an interview of the participant to assess the ambiguity and understanding of the survey questions.

Project Materials:

  1. Rough Prototype Report


Alessia Guthrie , Caileigh McKnight, Danny Chang